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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Forecast HP Cloud Costs

PlanForCloud Adds HP Cloud to Multi-Cloud Cost Forecasting

There has not been a single cloud provider who can offer everything for every application and every user. Whether the focus is on cost, security, support or technology, each cloud provider comes to the table with a different offering.

With that, we would like to welcome HP Cloud to the table. HP Cloud servers, storage (both object and block storage), data transfer prices and support plans have been added to PlanForCloud. Here is the server selection page with HP Cloud selected:

PlanForCloud Server Selection Screenshot

From the HP Blog, I wanted to highlight some of the use cases that HP Cloud has already started to progress on. It looks like there is a broad number of use cases ranging from test and dev environments, to standard LAMP stacks and website hosting with scalability. There is a focus on high performance and support, citing that HP Cloud offers free support with quick turn around times. Check out the matrix of all support cloud providers’ resource.

The future of cloud computing will be a truly competitive environment in which each cloud provider can offer their unique features and customers can choose the right public or private cloud environment for each application. I believe that users who use a multi-cloud management platform, can take advantage of all of these services. With that, I would like to invite you all to try out HP Cloud on PlanForCloud by logging in as a guest and adding your first HP Cloud resource.

I would also like to invite you all to RightScale Compute 2013, the only truly multi-cloud conference that focuses on real customers using a variety of clouds. You will have a chance to hear from and talk to all the major cloud providers, including Rackspace, AWS, Google Compute Engine, Windows Azure, Citrix and others. Read more...

-- Hassan Hosseini
Product Manager at PlanForCloud

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