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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

[New Release] Welcome Amazon Glacier and SoftLayer + more detailed cost forecasts

This release introduces Amazon Glacier and SoftLayer into PlanForCloud. And our more detailed cost breakdowns will help you better understand your cloud cost forecasts.

We want to share all the cool new features we release in PlanForCloud with you, which we hope helps you in modelling cloud deployments, and better understanding and forecasting your cloud costs. So, this will be the first in our list of 'new release' blog posts. You can keep in touch and follow our journey through the PlanForCloud Twitter: @PlanForCloud.

So what's new?
Amazon (AWS) Glacier: Amazon Glacier is a long-term digital archiving service enabling users to manage their cold storage on Amazon at a very low cost. Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon wrote a blog on the news: Expanding the Cloud – Managing Cold Storage with Amazon Glacier. We are excited to announce that PlanForCloud now supports Amazon Glacier, so you can get cost forecasts of your archives on Amazon Glacier.

We just ran a quick cost forecast and it's interesting: If you start with 100GB then add 10GB/month, it would cost $102.60 after 3 years on AWS Glacier vs $1,282.50 on AWS S3! Check out our other blog post comparing the costs between Glacier and S3.

Export to CSV: You can now export your cost reports as a CSV file, which can be opened in Excel.

SoftLayer: We now support SoftLayer in PlanForCloud. You can model your SoftLayer cloud components as part of your deployments. SoftLayer has the following clouds:

SoftLayer cloud now supported by PlanForCloud 

More detailed reports: We have also introduced more detailed cost reports to give you a better understanding of what makes up your deployment cost forecasts:
PlanForCloud cloud cost forecast detailed cost report
More detailed cloud cost forecasts

Price changes: AWS and Rackspace have updated their prices and added more components - that makes it over 6,000 prices in our database of cost points from the cloud providers that we support.

Better selection filtering: With the growing list of offerings by the different cloud providers, we have made it easier to filter through these options. You can now filter by cloud, operating system, database software and as always, search.

Have a look at our release pages for more information and user the new features: PlanForCloud release notes

What features would you like to see in PlanForCloud?
Everything we develop is made freely available to everyone. If you need a feature to support you in your cloud adoption strategy, there is a high chance others will find it useful too. We use UserVoice to collect feedback and enable everyone to vote for ideas. So if you have an idea or any feedback, please let us know using the feedback portal.

-- Hassan

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